Membership Benefits

Membership of the Sleap Model Flying Club entitles you to:

  • Fly at our site without the supervision of a current member.
  • Vote on club issues.
  • Use the members' only features provided on this website.

Your Sleap Model Flying Club membership includes associate membership of the Shropshire Aero Club and, as such, you have access to all of the airfield's facilities including the cafe (located in the Control Tower), Museum and toilets.

Applying for Membership

Be sure you understand and accept our Rules before applying to become a member.

Applying for membership of the Sleap Model Flying Club is easy. You will need to ensure that your BMFA membership is up-to-date. The easiest method is to visit Martin at Whitchurch Models with your payment and a copy of your BMFA certificate. We'll do the rest.

For details of the current membership fee, please see the Fees page.