a) The club shall be known as the Sleap Model Flyers, formerly the Shrewsbury & District Radio Controlled Model Aircraft Society.
b) The headquarters of the club shall be at SLEAP AIRFIELD, WEM.  Membership of the club includes Associate Membership of the SHROPSHIRE AERO CLUB (SAC), whose rules of conduct must be observed at all times.  Please carry SAC membership cards with you at all times whilst on SLEAP AIRFIELD.
c) A committee of not less than 6 officers is to be elected at each Annual General Meeting, any four to form a quorum.  Nominations for committee members other than for the re-election of existing committee members shall be put in writing to the Secretary, to arrive not less than 30 days before the AGM.  In electing a committee, the club gives them a mandate to deal with all club business, including matters relating to discipline.  Committee decisions to be accepted as final.  Two out of three signatures (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurerand Treasurer) are required to sign cheques drawing on club funds.
d) All members of Sleap Model Flyers must also be Senior or Junior members of the British Model Flying Association and must be able to produce, on reasonable demand, proof of valid and current BMFA insurance cover.  Club Members must comply with the BMFA guidance as stated in the current Members Handbook, at all times.
e) The club shall not be responsible for the activities of any one member or group of members operating away from the Headquarters or any other venue.  Any financial or other involvement arising from such activities, for whatever cause or reason, shall be the absolute responsibility of the member(s) concerned.  In accepting membership of the Sleap Model Flyers the member automatically indemnifies the club, and all its individual members, against any financial claim resulting from such activities in the name of the club.


Under the present ownership of the SLEAP site, flying is permitted at any time.


a) First person to arrive at the field to report to the control tower to inform them of modelfor flying.  If in doubt report to the control tower anyway.
b) The ceiling of 400 feet, laid down by Shropshire Aero Club must be observed at all times.
c) The number of cars parked on the runway adjacent to the flying area; is at the discretion of the Safety Officer on the day.
d) Parking of vehicles for non-flying members and visitors to be at the discretion of the Safety Officer as to numbers and locations.
e) Noise complaints have been received from the areas marked on the attached map so DO NOT OVERFLY.
f) See additional sheet for detailed flight line procedures.


a) If you wish to fly during the week, Monday to Friday, you must phone Shawbury Air Traffic Control to inform them that you are flying at SLEAP.  Additionally, the last person to leave, if before 5pm, must also inform Shawbury that flying has stopped at SLEAP.  Contact number is 01939 250 351, extension 7232 (Air Traffic Control).
b) When the Sleap control tower is closed, the usual model flying site on the west end of runway 28 should be used, see attached map.
c) Please be aware that, even when the airfield appears closed, full sized aircraft may still use the runways, so a good lookout should always be maintained.
d) When the RAF helicopters are flying training / landing / take offs / hovering, YOU MUST LAND, wait for them to depart before commencing model flying again.


a) Flying practices at SLEAP must conform with the guidance on good practice given in the current BMFA members’ handbook.
b) Assistance to non-members is to be encouraged but no flying (control by non-members) is to be undertaken until membership is gained and subscription paid.  Guest flyers can only fly after documented proof of insurance cover is shown.  Shropshire Aero Club members shall be allowed membership of the Sleap Model Flyers at the current fee, less the portion payable to the Shropshire Aero Club for associate membership.
c) All members are required to comply with any request in relation to these rules/procedures when asked to do so by a member of the committee, or on a safety issue, by any club member.


Subscriptions are due on 30th November each year and should be paid to the club treasurer.  No period of grace will be allowed and no reminders will be sent to those in default.  Members renewing after 30th November will be required to pay the joining fee.
a) It is the duty of each club member to ensure that the Club Secretary is informed of any change of address or email by the time that their subscription becomes due.   Whilst every effort will be made by the Club to remind members that their subscriptions are due, it is deemed to be the responsibility of the individual member to ensure that his subscription is paid by the due date.  

b) If subscriptions remain unpaid on 30th November, the member(s) concerned will be deemed to have retired from the club.  Any vacancies thus created will be offered to someone on the waiting list.  Anyone losing their membership for this or any other reason will be required to go on the waiting list for re-entry and will have to pay any entrance fee payable at that time.


a) In the event of any accident or incident which involves a third party it is imperative that the Incident Reporting Procedure given in the current BMFA handbook is followed without deviation within 24 hours of the incident.  The Club Secretary shall be informed immediately.
b) All members shall be deemed to have in their possession a copy of the current BMFA handbook and therefore be advised of the accident reporting procedures.  Any member not in possession of a printed copy must download one from here:


a) The club operates 2.4 GHz frequency and on 35 MHz band using even frequency crystals.  New members arriving with odd frequency 35MHz crystals will be allowed to use them for one day only.
b) New members are not allowed at the SLEAP flying site unsupervised by a competent pilot until they are hold a BMFA “A” certificate.
c) Members must not fly at the flying field without the company of someone capable of summoning assistance in case of an injury accident.


a) All members, parents, guardians and carers are to comply with the BMFA and club policies and guidelines for the promotion of welfare and care of children
b) A Junior member is defined as being under 18 years of age.
c) A vulnerable adult is defined as being a person of 18 years of age or over but through mental or physical attributes requires a higher level of supervision than would normally be commensurate with an adult member.
d) A responsible adult is defined as a senior member or parent/guardian who has the clearance, experience, knowledge and training commensurate with the type and degree of supervision required.
e) Junior members must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.  The level of supervision to be commensurate with the junior member’s age, maturity, capabilities and levels of experience.
f) Junior members under the age of 14 years shall not start an engine or carry a model with the engine running unless they are supervised by a responsible adult.
g) No child or vulnerable adult shall undertake any activity which might place him or her at risk. In any event prior consultation with their parent, guardian or carer must take place if there is any doubt on the member’s abilities to undertake a specific activity.
h) No senior member is to be expected to assume responsibility for a child or vulnerable adult unless he/she has been specifically requested to do so by the parent, guardian or carer.  If required to do so, he/she is to assume complete and total responsibility for the child or vulnerable adult whilst he/she is in their charge.
i) Notwithstanding the requirements of the previous paragraph, should a member discover a child or vulnerable adult that is unsupervised, then he/she must assume responsibility for that person’s safety in the first instance.  The situation must then be rectified as soon as possible by seeking out the parent, guardian or nominated supervisor.  Any instance of such an occurrence is to be reported to the Club committee as soon as possible and a record made of the occurrence.
j) Whilst supervising children or vulnerable adults, members should avoid placing themselves in a position that could be open to misinterpretation or question in accordance with BMFA policy.  Remember, the policy is there to protect you as well as children or vulnerable adults.
k) Should any member, parent, guardian, carer or the person themselves have concerns about the welfare of children or vulnerable adults then he or she is to contact any member of the committee.
l) All members are required to respect the rights and dignity of children and vulnerable adults and to promote their welfare.  Caring is largely a matter of common sense provided everyone is clear on what is expected of them and  a few simple principles are adhered to.  
m) No SMF member will substitute for a Guardian of a junior, child or vulnerable adult at any time.
n) It is the policy of SMF that no member will be put in the position of responsibility for a child, junior or vulnerable adult.
Therefore at all times where a child, junior or vulnerable adult is flying (under the supervision of an SMF member) then the guardian / parent or carer for that individual must also be present and paying attention.  
This means they do not sit in their car while their charge is flying or walking around the flight line or pits.