The following rules apply when on the Sleap site, in addition to any general site rules imposed to SAC. Please adhere to them. They are there for the safety of everyone and to help protect our ability to fly here.
  1. Flying is permitted at the western end of the E-W runway any time unless informed otherwise by the a Committee member or Shropshire Aero Club (SAC)., such as during fly-ins and competitions.
  2. Models shall be grounded immediately if Shawbury Helicopters are present at the airfield performing training manoeuvres, if aerobatics are performed overhead below 1000 ft by SAC planes, or if a full size aeroplane is present for any reason where models are flying.
  3. SAC is to be informed of model flying on weekdays by one elected member phoning SAC (01939 232882) before 8.45 am. At weekends the first flyer shall contact the control tower on arrival. The elected member to phone SAC will normally be the first member to arrange flying on that day, and will confirm the call on SMF WhatsApp to avoid duplication. If the call cannot be made, then Shawbury Flight Ops are to be called.
  4. Models must be flown strictly below 400 ft and kept well clear of the adjacent runway to the east, using a the airfield Windsock / ID light as a guide for the east and south limits for model flying.
  5. Vehicles shall be parked in accordance with the instructions of the safety officer of the day, normally leaving a longer space into wind for taking off.
  6. The IC start-up area shall be beyond the end of the parked vehicles, facing away from any persons (180 degrees clear of persons).
  7. Take-offs shall start in a direction away from the pits and parking area, normally from the end of the parked cars designated by our windsock, or across the runway away from the cars. Exceptions are at the discretion of the safety officer.
  8. In the absence of the Flying or Safety Officer, then one member shall be appointed as Safety officer on the day, but can be changed as required.
  9. The Safety Officer’s instructions and requests shall be respected by all members, and all members are encouraged to remind each other of safety issues and the rules.
  10. The flight line will normally be E-W along the runway from the white line in the middle, unless the safety officer allows cross runway flying from either end of the cars. Pilots will keep together normally on the white line near the windsock.
  11. Members arriving in vehicles or as pedestrians shall wait in the southern triangle at the western end of the runway until waved on. If there is no sign of any pilots or planes in the air or on the runway, and no one is available to wave the new arrival on, the member may proceed with caution.
  12. Visitors and guests flyers previously arranged with the committee, must be accompanied by members from the public area by the control tower, so as to respect the SAC rules for vehicles and pedestrians.