RAF Years

Sleap (pronounced "Slape") is an ex-RAF airfield, constructed in 1943. It was primarily used for the training of glider aircraft crews prior to the D-Day landings. Sleap was used as a satellite airfield for the nearby, but now closed, airfield at Whitchurch (RAF Tilstock). Both airfields saw considerable aircraft types, including a visit in November 1944 of 31 United States B-17 aircraft, diverted from their East Anglian bases due to weather conditions. However, Sleap was more commonly host to Whitley and Wellington aircraft.

At the end of the war, the airfield was retained on a maintenance basis, re-opening later for training purposes before being finally released in 1964.

Shropshire Aero Club Years

Sleap became the home of Shropshire Aero Club in 1955 and continues to operate as a training school and private flying club. The original control tower and considerable associated buildings still remain.

It is also the home of the Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group who operate a fascinating museum, full of local aviation history and artefacts.